What is Fuel?

Fuel is an integrated system that allows for the sale of fuel at your gas pumps, as well as, inside the your store.

What equipment do I need to make Fuel work?

You need a clover station, an Allied Nexgen box, Fueling Clover’s fuel sales management software system, as well as, appropriate fuel dispenser distribution boxes.

Where can I purchase The Fuel Controller and Fuel Software?

Please contact sales@gaspos.co to be connected with an authorized distributor and service representative.

Can I install the Fuel control software and Nexgen myself?

At this time the answer is no. Installation of the Nexgen and fuel software requires an advance knowledge of fueling systems, and access to critical fuel dispenser settings that are beyond the knowledge of most store owners. Please contact an authorized service representative or support@gaspos.co to schedule an installation.

Does the pay at the pump and fleet cards work through my clover station’s payment application?

No we have built a stand alone payment application for the fuel and fleet transactions. Please have your merchant account representative contact support@gasps.co to learn more about how to set up your merchant account. You will need a Buypass profile built for your fleet and fuel transactions.

Can I accept payments if my internet goes down?

Yes. The cards will not work at the pump, but your customers can purchase fuel inside using your clover device.

My pumps say offline?

The dispenser communication is down. Please call your service company.

How do I prepay for fuel?

Ring up any grocery items the customer may be buying
Hit pay
Select the prepay button on the payment screen
This will take you to the fuel app
Select a pump
Select the amount the customer would like to purchase
This will take you back to the register app
Collect payment from the customer

How do I authorize a dispenser?

Go to the home screen
Select fuel app
Find the dispenser that is calling.
Hit authorizes button. This will authorize the pump for fueling
How do I take payment for “Bring Down” a post pay.

Select the fuel app on the home screen
Select the fuel dispenser. It will say payable
Hit the post pay button
This will add the amount to the register
Collect payment
Of note, you can still add grocery items to the order once the fuel is on the register.

How do I do a refund on a pre-pay?

1. Hit the Refunds button in the top right corner of the fuel app.

2. Select the order that needs to be corrected from the list.

3. This takes you to the Order app

4. Select the Fuel item (and other items if you want to refund more than one thing from the order).

5. Click the Refund button, then you are taken back to the Fuel app

6. Select the order again and you are taken to the Register app.

7. The correct amount of fuel is put in the order, along with other items that were refunded from the original order (only fuel is in the order if no other items were refunded). Pay the order as normal, and the order has been correctly charged to the customer.

My App says “Not connected to server”

1. Please check and see that this is happening on all registers. If only happening on one register Please check the network connection and ensure that your clover device is in the network.

2. If you are in the network and it is on all stations the fuel service has stopped working. Please contact Boomtown using the clover app and they can provide detailed assistance.

3. You can e-mail support@gaspos.co for detailed instructions on self service of this problem. Fixing this issue requires an advanced knowledge of fueling systems and is not recommended for most users.

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