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7 Reasons to Choose The Most Modern Fuel Point of Sale System: Gas Pos

Gas Pos: gas station point of sale system

1. Gas Pos was awarded the highest payment security rating possible in the fuel point of sale industry: 5.x. Our competitors are rated only 3.x or 4.x.

2. 24/7 US-based helpdesk

3. Gas Pos comes with fuel control, so you can easily manage & control your fuel dispensers

4. Have the peace of mind in knowing you have a reliable point of sale system to help run your gas station or truck stop

5. Gas Pos includes fleet card acceptance (e.g. accept Comdata®, Comchek®, EFS, T-Chek & more) so you can drive more traffic to your store

6. We know you're going through difficult times in the economic downturn. In order to help you, Gas Pos includes new ways to save money for your store with cash discounting so you can offset your processing fees

7. We provide the complete point of sale system, Microsoft Surface Pro running GasPOS Intrepid software, scanner, PIN pad/EMV reader, receipt printer, customer pole display, and cash drawer. We also provide an Allied Electronics Nexgen forecourt controller. We guarantee all our equipment and the forecourt controller as long as you are a Gas Pos customer. Easy touch screen for your cashiers to learn.

Gas Pos is the trusted fuel point of sale system of gas stations, truck stops & convenience stores nationwide. If you'd like to bring Gas Pos to your store as well, please give us a call at 1-800-209-1241 Ext 1.


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