Gas Pos Has The Best Pricing in the Fuel Point of Sale Industry

1. Gas Pos pricing is $0 per month + low flat-rate processing if you sign before March 31 as part of our special to help you through these hard times. Call 1-800-209-1241 Ext 1 now to get this deal. 

2. Receive $20,000 worth of Gas Pos hardware, all free upfront. The Gas Pos business model is built upon a long & mutually successful relationship with your business. Former executives of Microsoft, Twitch & Google are investors in Gas Pos.

3. Gas Pos includes Dell 19" all-in-one monitor, scanner, printer, pin pad (5" screen with remote injecting), Allied NeXGen fuel controller, everything you need

4. We accept all fleet cards including Comdata®, Comchek®, EFS, T-Chek, TCH, Voyager, Fleetone, Multi-Service, Fuelman, loyalty & more

5. Gas Pos includes a 4-hour warranty replacement guarantee, never a deductible in the length of the contract, no exclusions

6. Labor warranty (not just parts warranty)

7. Dees Oil (one of the largest gas station chains in Mississippi) recently chose Gas Pos for its gas stations & truck stops

8. The whole Gas Pos system costs less than most of our competitors’ installation costs

9. Gas Pos has the highest payment security rating in the industry: 5.x. 

10. If you upgrade your dispensers within this period, we will upgrade the Allied NeXGen box at no charge and pay the tech ourselves.

11. We pay for the Gas Pos installation, you don’t pay a dime

12. Gas Pos includes low rate flat processing. Two times a year Mastercard & Visa change their fees & interchange cost. With Gas Pos, you don’t have to worry about this. Over the life of our 5-year agreement, you will save on 10 rate changes imposed upon you by the card networks. With interchange plus, these fees would have been passed on to you.

13. Putting this into perspective, for 5 years, you will never have an unexpected Point of Sale repair bill, nor will we raise your credit card processing fees.
14. No debit card or credit card rate hikes, guaranteed. 

15. We know we have the best deal & best technology in the fuel point of sale industry. We let you try Gas Pos for 90 days and if you're not happy you can return Gas Pos. 

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