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Fuel Up On News: OPEC+ Output Cuts, Easter Sales & More

OPEC+ Announces Surprise Oil Output Costs

Source: Reuters

Recent moves from OPEC+ that will cut oil production and impact oil prices. Read more here.

Oil Production Cut Could Lift Prices By $10 Per Barrel, Analyst Says

Source: Reuters Predictions on oil prices. Learn more here.

Going Fast With Gas Pos

Source: Gas Pos

Check out Gas Pos going fast both at the gas station & at a televised race. Read more here. Pricing 101: Wholesale Rack Fuel Pricing Essentials Source: OPIS Guide to rack pricing & economics. Learn more here.

2023 Easter Spending Expected To Hit $24 Billion

Source: NACS Daily

Forecasts for this year's Easter sales, with candy, food, gifts and clothing expected to generate the most purchases. Find out more here. SNAP Households Represent 24% Of US Consumer Goods Source: NACS Daily New data on SNAP. Read more here.


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